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Horsestitchin is a fun, quality, custom embroidery site that was created to meet the needs of the out of the ordinary horse person who wants to have quality clothing that is both functional and fun to wear.

Though we specialize in fun embroidery we also carry a variety of other great items for the horse enthusiast. We carry fun high quality socks, tons of fabulous western jewelry, great gift items including pewter frames, bathroom accessories, exceptional metal art, and home decor items.We also feature specialty tack items and will continue to add any other things that are useful, beautiful, fun, and or unusual.

Our mission is to be a site that you can always go to to find a special unique gift for yourself or your friends and loved ones. And in keeping with our unique theme we also can try to find a special request item that you may have, a special saying you want embroidered or a special gift item you may be searching for, just email us and we will do our best to make it happen for you!

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